Elijah Jacobs

A business owner and family man, Elijah Jacobs, commonly known as “E Jake”, is a true and genuine self-made entrepreneur; applying knowledge, wisdom, and understanding in his business practices as well as all other aspects of life. Overcoming obstacles and setbacks brought forth as a minor and young adult, Elijah has built and cultivated a portfolio of lucrative businesses that define the overt meaning of “from rags to riches”. Entities including E Jake Music; E Jake Realty; and Power House Movement (PHM Recordings / PHM Studios), E Jake Enterprises is a place where ambition meets vision.


Born on February 18th , 1989 in Boston, MA, Elijah grew up in a diverse suburb and has experienced many phases of life. Suffering from high school expulsion as freshmen, as well as going through the judicial system and incarceration, led to many challenging obstacles for Mr. Jacobs. However, he turned these shortcomings into advantages to prevail and become an inspiring role model for troubled youth and young adults.


Upon prison release in 2012, Elijah finished school obtaining an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from MassBay Community College. Soon after he began his entrepreneurial journey by starting the record label Power House Movement, LLC (PHM Recordings) with fellow childhood friends. Fast-forward along the years, Elijah & his partners opened a recording studio PHM Studios, LLC (formerly established as 3 Stripe Studios, LLC)- an establishment for artists, created by artists.


As a performer and recording artist under the moniker E Jake, Elijah has released a total of 10 solo albums and 3 label-mate supported collaborative projects between the years 2012-2018. His latest release is a 10-track LP with no guest appearances titled Top Mover, which was made available on all major digital outlets June 2019. Believing in theories that songwriting is therapeutic mechanism and expression of self, E Jake has no thoughts of departing from recording or touring.


An interest in real estate began early for Elijah. While growing up in a 2-story multi-family apartment dwelling, Momma Jacobs would take a young Elijah on car rides to look at the different houses and landscapes in various areas, dreaming of one day owning their own dream home. Elijah even recalls favoring a particular mansion, which was home to one of his dearest childhood friends. To this day, E feels no other house matches the elegance of that very first mansion he spent much time in as a youngster. At age 15, Elijah worked as a laborer for a local tree removal & carpentry company. This experience provided exposure to many unique home styles, landscapes, and other aesthetics, which sparked even more interest in the aspiring real estate tycoon.


In 2014 Elijah began his journey as a real estate salesperson under the tutelage of Keller Williams Realty. In the fall of 2018 Elijah announced the opening of his own real estate brokerage, E Jake Realty, with the main office located in Framingham, Massachusetts.


The work of an active entrepreneur comes with as much, if not more, challenges and stresses as do the success stories. Elijah loves ‘em all, embracing the struggles and cherishing the achievements; reflecting on both the wins and the losses for constant reminders to remain humble and appreciative as he continues to grow and thrive as a family man and a business owner.

Elijah Jacobs